Linda Olson is an International speaker and CEO of Wealth Through Story; training speakers to influence, and impact others through story. One of her greatest strengths is to captivate audiences of every age with her storytelling ability. Large audiences, small groups or a one-on-one contact find their hearts drawn in and are mesmerized by Linda’s passion and inspiration as she unfolds valuable lessons through storytelling.

DSCF2777What You Can Expect From Me
  1. Warm and professional response to your speaking inquiries.
  2. Clear communication regarding expectations and details for the event.
  3. A personal phone consultation prior to your event to better understand your needs, the needs of your audience and how I can serve you.
  4. A follow-up after the event to discover what was most helpful, what you would have liked more of and how I can improve.
  5. A professional, inspirational and empowering presentation that grabs the attention, feeds the heart and leaves your audience wanting more.


Most Requested Ministry Topics

Linda’s speaking is inspirational, interactive and leaves you wanting more.

The most popular topics are available as a keynote, workshops, or ½ to full day trainings. Linda will work with you based on your need.

Looking for Something NEW?

As a speaker for more than 40 years, Linda knows how to deliver a message that will keep people on the edge of their seats. She will create the topic that fits your need. Linda not only speaks to your women but will work with you to double or triple your influence and impact within a short time. Connect with Linda

Letting Go of your Pain When it Won’t Let Go of You

7 Simple Steps

A 45 year journey took Linda from facing her darkest moment to receiving the unexpected answer this side of heaven, “Why was I the one on the tractor that killed my 2-year old brother?” A story of strength, hope and courage.

Stop Surviving, When You Have Been Called To Thrive

Abundance is waiting for you. Most of us would like to enjoy the abundance available to us but have no idea how to get there. Through a fun, interactive presentation you will learn how to discover more than a 1,000 blessings in five months or less.

What Every Woman Wants but Doesn’t Know How To Get

The Secret Lies Within Your Reach

We are created with deep, passionate desires but somehow have gotten ourselves side tracked from following our dream. So, how do you turn that around or do you even want to? Discover the dangers Christian women face who are not following their dreams, the secret to breakthrough and the ease of turning that around.
Stop the Ride, I Want To Get Off

How do you stop when our fast-paced life says “Go”? How do you rest when life demands are so high? When do you ever get a break? If Mama ain’t happy … but what if Mama is happy? A fun, interactive presentation that invites you to enjoy the ride.

Why Christian Women Are Not Getting Their Story Out to An Audience That Needs to Hear Them?

Everyone has a story but if I asked you to share your story in 3 minutes or less you would most likely give me a blank look. I’ve certainly been there. Discover how you can have more influence and more impact with anyone you meet. It’s easier and more fun than you think.